Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas and stuff...

Just posting to wish a rather late happy Christmas to all readers and followers of 'The Screever' zine; more issues and posts will hopefully emerge in the coming year! Look after yourselves :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bangers - 'Small Pleasures' review

Bangers - 'Small Pleasures' - Specialist Subject Records

These guys are a three-piece from down in Cornwall, and play some pretty solid melodic punk-rock with nice gruff vocals. There's something different about the recording of this that I really like, possibly the guitar tone mostly; it's kind of difficult to describe, but it's kinda muddy, and it really works with how thick and tight the bass sounds. The songs are pretty catchy with some great sing-a-longs, and actually seem really considered structurally, which I especially noticed in the verses; at times it sounds as though the personal, 'story-telling' lyrics don't fit or flow neatly and perfectly which keeps things interesting. As far as songs that stand out for me go, I'd have to say the opener 'Making Friends', 'The Love Nest', and 'Irritants', but this is all pretty great. One of the coolest melodic punk sounds I've heard from the UK for a while. (Lee)
Bangers' 'Good Livin' e.p will be reviewed in issue three...