Sunday, 24 February 2013

LockdownxCollective Presents: 'The Mongoloids' + guests

LockdownxCollective Presents: 'The Mongoloids' + guests / The Flapper, Birmingham / 19th June

So, thanks to LockdownxCollective, this is happening in Birmingham in June; that may seem a good while away, but if you're into your hardcore, straight-edge or not, then get excited because this is looking awesome...

You can find Lockdown on Facebook here to keep updated with shows and the like:

Nice one!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Laughing in the Face Of - 'The Lubrication of Social Anxiety' review

Laughing in the Face Of - 'The Lubrication of Social Anxiety' - Lockjaw Records

Just another review from The Screever issue two; reviews for issue three are pretty much done...

"I first saw / heard LitFO in about 2005 when they supported FIREAPPLE RED in a little pub in Birmingham (their hometown), and I remember being completely blown away, this being the first time I'd encountered a local band that played really fast punk-rock, or even realised they existed near me, and this, the follow up to their self-released e.p 'Technically, It's Not Our Fault' is pretty blistering; 11 tracks of thrashy but melodic double-time skate punk that is technical and abrasive without ever feeling contrived or gimmicky. It's consistently interesting, and it's good to hear a punk-rock band that isn't afraid of doing long instrumental intros ('The Art of Burning Bridges' is a good example). It might take some getting into, but you can listen to this over and over and pick out new little intricacies every time; Andy is one of the best double-time punk drummers I've seen live, and I'm always amazed at how Steve can play some of this guitar-wizardry whilst singing. There are loads of great tunes on here, and it's hard to pick out favourites, but I do like 'Make What You Want' and 'Whose Line Was it Anyway'. Awesome stuff, and highly recommended for those into THE HUMAN PROJECT, THIS IS A STANDOFF, or STRUNG OUT."

You can pick up a copy of this album from here:

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Coffee Club Collective: 'The Greatest Show on Earth' illustrated book

Coffee Club Collective: 'The Greatest Show on Earth' illustrated book

'Coffee Club Collective' are trying to raise money to publish this lovely looking limited edition illustration book; they have about 20 days left to reach their target, and a bit of a hill left to climb, so they'll love you a lot if you pop onto their Kickstarter page and donate a few quid in return for some lovely stuffs :)

You can donate funds here:

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or find out more about them on their blog:

Thanks a lot! :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Almeida - 'Fantastic Massacre' review

Almeida - 'Fantastic Massacre'

Here's another review from 'The Screever' issue two...

"These boys from Southern UK are pretty sick; there are a lot of bands around at the moment that fuse a bunch of styles into a technical mash-up, but ALMEIDA (pronounced Al-May-Der..?) do so with a little more skate-punk speed than most. It's a lot like PROTEST THE HERO (including a similarly high-pitched lead vocalist), but with a more melodic thrash-punk leaning, and a lovely horror / black-metal vibe... and yes, it's as interesting as that sounds, and to mix things up even more, there's a rather bouncy and quite lovely instrumental acoustic track somewhere in the middle. They're not afraid to write long songs, the title track running to over seven minutes, but have some quite wonderful little melodies if you're willing to find them. As a starter, check out the opener 'Kinslayer', which is one of the shorter and catchier tunes. Highly recommended for fans of PTH, but even folks into old BODOM and stuff may dig this; a pretty solid self-release from a bunch of super-talented chaps."

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

'The Sleepover Club' zine

'The Sleepover Club' zine

So, folk pop-punk troubadour Elly Kingdon's only gone and made a zine; it's called 'The Sleepover Club', and is already sounding pretty awesome, apparently containing stuff on friendship, crafting, and togetherness...aww.

Issue one is currently available from 'Wedgwood Was a Queer' at:

or you can follow 'WWaQ' on Facebook here.

Awesome stuff :)


Monday, 4 February 2013

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' review

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' charity compilation review

...and for those that didn't yet pick up a copy of 'The Screever' issue two, here's the review we wrote for 'Hardcare' volume one...

"I guess compilations are a funny thing to review, but what we have here is over twenty tracks of hardcore, mostly Straight Edge, from a variety of places in Europe, the UK, and the States. There's a surprising variety of sounds on here too, from the outright metallic (HORIZONS), to the old-school (xCURRAHEEx), to the experimental (DECLARATION de GUERRA), to the melodic (FAILURE TO FOLLOW), and even to the female-fronted (WOLFxDOWN). Personal favourites, given my irrepressible love for a good melody are 'Strike Back' by FAILURE TO FOLLOW, largely thanks to the killer guitar melodies in the chorus, and the fact that the singer sounds a LOT like Tim from ENSIGN, and also 'Open Hands' by SPIRES, which I have to say is PURE GOLD; the really high-pitched guitar melodies in this song are absolutely sublime, and for me really outshine the majority of the rest of this comp.
If you're into hardcore, Straight Edge or otherwise, then get this; you're bound to love something on it. Proceeds from sales also go to a charity supporting a neonatal intensive unit, so it's a must really. Nice one xMoreThanInkx for reminding us that an Edge hardcore scene still exists, and for showcasing some of the strength of it here.

You can pick up a copy of this volume from here:

The xMoreThanInkx webshop can be found here:

and their website can be found here:


Sunday, 3 February 2013

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' vol. 2

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' vol. 2 charity compilation

As mentioned when we interviewed Ben in 'The Screever' issue two, this comp. had been in the works since pretty shortly after volume one, and back in December 2012, xMoreThankInkx finally released 'Hardcare' volume 2, a digital compilation of an immense 40 songs from numerous hardcore bands, new and old. It's looking like another cracker, and profits from this follow-up to January 2012's first volume are donated to 'Transitions Global', an organisation that helps victims of sex trafficking victims in Cambodia.

You can download the compilation for a minimum of a mere £2 from here:

or check out the xMoreThanInkx webshop, selling hardcore and Straight Edge music and clothing here:

Their website and Facebook can also be found here:

Get on it!