Wednesday, 29 April 2015

RESUSCITATORS - 'Make it Through Another Night' review

RESUSCITATORS - 'Make it Through Another Night'

"So these guys from London play melodic punk-rock that has the rowdiness of bands like DROPKICK MURPHYS and THE RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, the 90s Fat Wreck sounds of stuff like GOOD RIDDANCE, and newer melodic punk stuff like NO HARM DONE, which for me is never going to be a bad combination. So what we have here are five tracks of pacey, highly melodic punk tunes with plenty of character, sing-a-longs, great guitar melodies that stick to you instantly, and tonnes of backing vocals with a crazy amount of reverb on them, plus one pretty cool slower track at the end that starts acoustically but picks up halfway through. The lyrics seem to favour subjects like drinking, relationships, and general life hardships, and I really like how they utilise a bunch of different vocalists with very different tones and textures. The opening track 'Jaws of Life' is pretty awesome and has a great ending, and 'Little Victories' is the one that plays first on their Bandcamp, so that might be one to check out too. A nice slice of British melodic punk rock."