Friday, 31 May 2013

Caves - 'Homeward Bound' review

Caves - 'Homeward Bound' review

CAVES have a new album coming out very soon, so I thought I'd share this rather short review of their cracking last release 'Homeward Bound', that I forgot to squeeze into the last issue:

"CAVES are a wonderful three-piece pop-punk band from Bristol, and what I absolutely love most of all about them is that, unlike most bands on recordings these days, they sound 'real'; they sound like they might fall out of tune or time at any second, and for me that's a real joy given how a lot of punk these days is so neat and tight and almost unreal in it's cleanliness. Basically, they're what pop-punk should sound like. This is probably a little bit more creative musically and lyrically than their last 'Collection' release, and seems a little faster and shoutier; there's still plenty of woah-ing and ridiculously catchy vocal melodies though, and I especially love 'Taking on the World' and 'Bows and Arrows'. It's also pretty cool how the tracks run into each other as they ring out so it sounds like most of the thing was recorded in one take. If you like your pop-punk bright, catchy, and in exclusion of all of the typically hideous commercial polish, definitely check this out."

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