Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Secular Plague - 'Death For Sale' review

Secular Plague - 'Death For Sale' review

I figured I'd stick up another old review from issue three of 'The Screever', this one of Secular Plague (who we interviewed for the same issue)'s album 'Death For Sale'...

"So these guys from France / Belgium play very old-school hardcore / punk rock (crossed with what they refer to as 'deathrock'..?) in the vein of bands like T.S.O.L, CIRCLE JERKS, and even stuff like CONTEMPT, favouring quite short song structures and lengths, mostly in the thirty second to one minute range, the whole 11 track album coming in at about 13 minutes. It's quite basic musically, sustaining a similar mid-to-fast pace throughout, driven by a repetition of power-chorded riffs. The vocals really carry the whole thing for me though, with an awesome, quite nicely reverbed semi-hardcore singing style with, as you may suspect from the album title, a lot of lyrics centred on animal rights, sung (as far as I can tell) in English, so I absolutely dig that, even if the accent does slightly inhibit my understanding of some of the lines. I actually think they've done a great job on the short song lengths; sometimes stuff like this can be really dull if the songs are too long and repetitive, but this collection of angry, energetic, and focussed tunes are just about right. I think the most memorable tracks on this are the opening title track, 'Scapegoat', and 'Angry and Frustrated'. I got this as a download, but it's also available on CD with some pretty awesome looking artwork and packaging that I might order at some point. Cool stuff."

You can find Secular Plague here:

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