Sunday, 8 September 2013

New Alaska - 'Finer Lines of Tomorrow' review

New Alaska - 'Finer Lines of Tomorrow' review

So I picked up New Alaska's new 7 inch split with Chestnut Road the other day, a review of which will no doubt find its way into issue five of The Screever when it finally begins production. In the meantime, I thought I'd post this lil' review of their EP 'Finer Lines of Tomorrow' that was printed in issue four. Enjoy!

"In the digital age that we've been unfortunate enough to find ourselves dropped in, it's wonderful to see a bit of time and effort go into the packaging of a DIY release, and this CDEP has one of the nicest set-ups I've seen for a good while; a nice fold-out, poster-sized sleeve with crisp, clean photo artwork and lyrics with fab design work, a separate spine-sleeve like the ones you find on Japanese CDs, and a disc that has a black bottom like an old Playstation 1 game disc(!), all folded neatly into a plastic wallet... truly amazing stuff! As for what's actually ON the disc, NEW ALASKA from Stourbridge play indie-punk/ post-punk with some pretty cool, angular guitar work that reminds me of stuff like FUGAZI and THE COMPUTERS' old stuff, with some interesting time signatures. The pace and momentum never lets up on this, and all five tracks are pretty catchy, with some quite harsh, driving vocal melodies that have a way of drilling into your subconscious with some quite obscure but interesting lyricism. Good stuff; definitely a promising release from another band from the 'bridge."

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