Sunday, 13 December 2015

NEW ALASKA - 'Western Corners' review

NEW ALASKA - 'Western Corners'

"Stourbridge's NEW ALASKA are back with another dose of their unique brand of post-punk awesomeness in which you're always guaranteed plenty of angular rhythms, odd chord-work, tight basslines and pounding drum-work, and obscure but intelligent lyricism. I definitely don't think these guys get the credit they deserve; their songs are played with honesty, in a unique style that's as far from any fad or trend as you're ever likely to find, structured with a lot of consideration, are catchy without being poppy or cheesy, and are challenging without being overly technical. They also have an energy and anger that many faster or heavier bands just don't have, and this album is a perfect example of that, as Pete somewhat monotonously shouts his way through these ten new tracks, of which I think the pacey 'Corsairs' is a good, catchy starter, 'Kathy' is also a memorable highlight, and I love the slower, driving chord work towards the end of 'Palehorse', one of the more experimental tracks. Highly recommended for fans of angular post-punk stuff like FUGAZI, THE COMPUTERS, and other local lads WAX FUTURES."