Monday, 23 May 2016

IDESTROY interview

 IDESTROY interview

We interviewed indie-rock / Riot-Grrrl punks IDestroy for issue nine of 'The Screever'; here's what they had to say to a few questions we threw at them towards the end of their 'Vanity Loves Me' EP tour.

Heya guys, please introduce yourself/ves, tell us what you play, and who makes up the rest of IDestroy.

IDestroy are Bec (guitar/vocals), Becky (bass/Bvox) and Jenn (Drums).

So you're currently on a UK tour; how has it been? Have there been any stand out shows?

Tour has been a lot of fun. One of our favourite shows was our recent return to London, playing at The Gunners pub. The quality of the venue really surprised us (knowing that its main focus is on football), the sound was great and there were a large number of people there to see us - we recognised a good number of the people there from our last London show, so we were very pleased that we have started gaining a following in another city!

How long have you been a band for now? How did you three meet?

We all met whilst studying in Bristol and became good friends before forming the band. We’ve been together around a year and a half now.
Your music seems to have a number of influences, including rock, punk, blues, and indie; who would you say are your biggest influences?

This is always a tough question as we enjoy so many different types of music. The band has definitely been influenced by riot grrrl bands such as Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney. We hope you will also hear the older punk influences such as Iggy Pop and The Runaways. 

So you released your first EP called 'Vanity Loves Me' this year; how has it been received? Are you all pleased with what you created?

We’ve had some really great reviews from the likes of Classic Rock, Punktastic and Fred Perry Subculture as well as being enjoyed by the independent bloggers on the DIY circuit. We are so happy that it has had this wide appeal to all rock n rollers, and we hope its reach will keep growing. We are proud of this release, but we are certain that the next one will only get better!

Did you enjoy making the video for the title-track from that CD? Where was it filmed?

It was good fun, although a long day and very hard work. Being a short song, you get to hear it a lot of times when filming for it over a 10 hour day! The silliness at the end of the video was a new experience for all of us. As perhaps you can tell, we’re not all that interested in make up and other ‘girly’ things, so it was cool to experiment and see what came out! We filmed it at Farm Studios in Bristol with Nick Pitt.

Can you give us a brief run-down of what the songs on the EP are about lyrically?

I try to avoid the “what is this song about” question, mainly because I’d rather the listener think for themselves. When I hear great lyrics, take Kurt Cobain for example, I personally don’t want to know what he was singing about. Why would I? When I can pretend he’s singing about everything I feel right in that moment.
Having said that, this EP is very much based on my observations of modern day life. I’d like to think it’s a pretty relatable listen.

What else do you guys do outside of IDestroy? Are any of you in any other bands or anything?

Bec plays guitar and song writes for art rockers ‘The Blue Aeroplanes’ and Becky plays bass in metal band Triaxis.

Ph: Jake Matthews

So what do you have planned for the rest of this year? Any more touring or recording in the pipeline?

We have a few more ‘Vanity Loves Me’ tour dates left (Southampton, Minehead, Stalybridge and Birmingham). After these shows we will spending some time songwriting and preparing to record the next release. We have a couple of festival appearances and other gigs this summer, but now the ‘Vanity Loves Me’ tour is over, our main focus is on the new material.

Cheers for answering these! Any last words, links, shout-outs, or anything?

No problem! 

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