Monday, 10 June 2013

Constant Waves - 'Pity Claps and Hearty Handshakes' review

Constant Waves - 'Pity Claps and Hearty Handshakes' review

Constant Waves are easily one of my favourite Midlands bands right now; I thought I'd just share this review from issue three of The Screever of a two-track demo(?) I picked up of theirs some time ago, just in case you missed it in print. Awesome stuff:

"When I saw these guys with NASDAQ last year, their instrumental force absolutely blew me away. They combine elements of funk, punk, post-rock, and ambience in a similar style to that of THE SHOGUNS DECAPITATOR, NASDAQ, and even WELL WISHER, with some truly fantastic guitar interplay throughout and sublime bass lines that hold everything together wonderfully. I loved the drumming on this, with a lot of pace and energy in the cymbal work, and song structures for the two songs on here are spot on, switching in and out of beautifully melodic clean sections and catchy, energetic funk effortlessly. However it's in the heavily distorted, louder sections that they really shine for me; both driving and sweeping, melodic and ambient with emotive chord changes, they really carry this style forward for me, and make up the most memorable parts. I know I'll be coming back to this again over the next few months, and if it's a sample of what to expect from future recordings, then anticipation will be high for the next release; a band that have contrast nailed to perfection."

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