Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tegan and Sara - 'Heartthrob' review

Tegan and Sara - 'Heartthrob' review

So, after waiting a good few years for them to come back around, I saw Tegan and Sara for the first time last week, and they were, unsurprisingly, quite brilliant. In the wake of that, I figured I'd post the review I wrote of their latest album 'Heartthrob' in The Screever issue three:

"Ah, TEGAN AND SARA; these girls can literally do no wrong in my ears. I've yet to hear a song that I dislike by them, and on this album, though their sound differs slightly compared to that heard on previous albums, leaning far more into dance-pop territory, this collection of tunes also features no such thing. The opener, 'Closer' (to which the video is hilarious and wonderful), is a killer party-pop tune, as catchy as anything you're likely to hear this year, and it literally goes from strength to strength from there, flowing through a bunch of some of the catchiest and most infectious chorus driven pop songs you'll ever hear, that are melodically perfect, both vocally and instrumentally. There's little point listing favourite tracks when such an endeavour would result in largely writing out the entire track list, and though containing less variety than I'm used to hearing from them, this is probably T&S' most consistently brilliant release to date. If I had to compare this to anything, you could draw similarities to bands like METRIC, THE TEMPER TRAP, and ROBYN's better, catchier stuff, but as long as you like decent music, you should love this. An incredible achievement in song-writing, it's going to take some seriously magic releases to stop this from becoming one of my favourite albums of 2013; perfect really."

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