Sunday, 17 February 2013

Laughing in the Face Of - 'The Lubrication of Social Anxiety' review

Laughing in the Face Of - 'The Lubrication of Social Anxiety' - Lockjaw Records

Just another review from The Screever issue two; reviews for issue three are pretty much done...

"I first saw / heard LitFO in about 2005 when they supported FIREAPPLE RED in a little pub in Birmingham (their hometown), and I remember being completely blown away, this being the first time I'd encountered a local band that played really fast punk-rock, or even realised they existed near me, and this, the follow up to their self-released e.p 'Technically, It's Not Our Fault' is pretty blistering; 11 tracks of thrashy but melodic double-time skate punk that is technical and abrasive without ever feeling contrived or gimmicky. It's consistently interesting, and it's good to hear a punk-rock band that isn't afraid of doing long instrumental intros ('The Art of Burning Bridges' is a good example). It might take some getting into, but you can listen to this over and over and pick out new little intricacies every time; Andy is one of the best double-time punk drummers I've seen live, and I'm always amazed at how Steve can play some of this guitar-wizardry whilst singing. There are loads of great tunes on here, and it's hard to pick out favourites, but I do like 'Make What You Want' and 'Whose Line Was it Anyway'. Awesome stuff, and highly recommended for those into THE HUMAN PROJECT, THIS IS A STANDOFF, or STRUNG OUT."

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