Sunday, 3 February 2013

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' vol. 2

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' vol. 2 charity compilation

As mentioned when we interviewed Ben in 'The Screever' issue two, this comp. had been in the works since pretty shortly after volume one, and back in December 2012, xMoreThankInkx finally released 'Hardcare' volume 2, a digital compilation of an immense 40 songs from numerous hardcore bands, new and old. It's looking like another cracker, and profits from this follow-up to January 2012's first volume are donated to 'Transitions Global', an organisation that helps victims of sex trafficking victims in Cambodia.

You can download the compilation for a minimum of a mere £2 from here:

or check out the xMoreThanInkx webshop, selling hardcore and Straight Edge music and clothing here:

Their website and Facebook can also be found here:

Get on it!