Monday, 4 February 2013

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' review

xMoreThanInkx presents: 'Hardcare' charity compilation review

...and for those that didn't yet pick up a copy of 'The Screever' issue two, here's the review we wrote for 'Hardcare' volume one...

"I guess compilations are a funny thing to review, but what we have here is over twenty tracks of hardcore, mostly Straight Edge, from a variety of places in Europe, the UK, and the States. There's a surprising variety of sounds on here too, from the outright metallic (HORIZONS), to the old-school (xCURRAHEEx), to the experimental (DECLARATION de GUERRA), to the melodic (FAILURE TO FOLLOW), and even to the female-fronted (WOLFxDOWN). Personal favourites, given my irrepressible love for a good melody are 'Strike Back' by FAILURE TO FOLLOW, largely thanks to the killer guitar melodies in the chorus, and the fact that the singer sounds a LOT like Tim from ENSIGN, and also 'Open Hands' by SPIRES, which I have to say is PURE GOLD; the really high-pitched guitar melodies in this song are absolutely sublime, and for me really outshine the majority of the rest of this comp.
If you're into hardcore, Straight Edge or otherwise, then get this; you're bound to love something on it. Proceeds from sales also go to a charity supporting a neonatal intensive unit, so it's a must really. Nice one xMoreThanInkx for reminding us that an Edge hardcore scene still exists, and for showcasing some of the strength of it here.

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